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Prices quoted below are subject to the terms and condition of our contract of service. A minimum of 5 hours of bookings is required to qualify for either photobook or photo enlargement.

Discounted prices does not come with either photobook or photo enlargement.

  • Diamond

  • $45000
  • 2 Videographers
  • 2 Photographers
  • 1 PhotoBook
  • 1 Photo Enlargement (24x36)
  • Gold

  • $37500
  • 2 Videographers
  • 1 Photographer
  • 1 PhotoBook
  • 1 Photo Enlargement (16x20)
  • Silver

  • $22500
  • 1 Videographer
  • 1 Photographer
  • 1 PhotoBook
  • No Photo Enlargement
  • Budget

  • $16000
  • 1 Photographer
  • or 1 Videogrpaher
  • Photos on SD Card
  • Video on SD Card


“There is one thing the photograph must contain, the humanity of the moment.” — Robert Frank

Video Editing

“It’s the editor who orchestrates the rhythm of the images, and that is the rhythm of the dialogue, and of course the rhythm of the music. For me, the editor is like a musician, and often a composer.” -------Martin Scorcese

Color Correction

Color correction and color grading are two different things and they have a huge impact on our finished product.

Wedding Coverage

The day you say "I do" is one of the most special moments in your entire life and we will be there to capture every moment.


Quality is doing it right when no one is looking, and at Sleek Media, that's our benchmark.


We have over 20 years of experience in the industry. We have been the Power Behind Many Scenes.


Nothing is so powerful that to customize our finished products to suit your event.


Be rest assured that we would support you from start to finish 24/7.